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Do you have a Hallowe'en- or dark-themed website? Is it beautiful, functional, in good taste, and full of great content? Is it PG-rated and viewable in later versions of Netscape, FireFox, and IE? If so, apply for our award!

Not every site will win, but that doesn't mean that non-winning sites aren't good - it just means that they didn't meet our stringent criteria. In fact, if your site changes significantly, you can reapply two months after you initially submitted your site. This isn't to say, however, that our judges are design snobs! If we can get around your site and be sufficiently impressed with the content, you stand a great chance of winning!

Also, please note that this award is for non-commercial sites. If you run a commercial site with significant non-commercial content, or exceptionally useful information regarding a commercial product of particular interest to the Hallowe'en or dark communities, I will still consider your site.

Everyone whom we deem a winner may display the following award on their winning site. We realize that some people may steal this graphic and slap it up on their websites even if they haven't been awarded by us. So, we're going to keep a definitive list of winners right here on this page. If you see the award on a page not listed here, let us know. Also know that sometimes we are a bit slow. :)


Trespauze Manor - Really lovely haunted mansion walkthrough. Beautiful animated graphics! (6/14/'08)

South Jersey Haunters - Excellent haunt resources and pictures! (11/19/'07)

Willow Grove - A cool online RPG taking place in an enchanted realm. (9/25/'07)

Halloween Prop Shop - A cool resource for Hallowe'en generalists and haunters interested in project how-tos! (9/15/'07)

Dedge.com - A flash hangman game, complete with smartmouthed, Beetlejuice-esque skeleton. In-noose, of course. (10/15/'06)

Pathways Halloween Pages - A nicely-designed collection of Hallowe'en resources and historical information. (9/16/'06)

The Haunted Mansion Fan Club - A great MSN group dedicated to Disney's Haunted Mansions (and Phantom Manor). (10/13/'05)

Darkness - Darkness' Hallowe'en and supernatural site, with stories, clip art, and information on all sorts of paranormal stuff. (10/13/'05)

The Ozaks' Haunted House - An AWESOME virtual haunted house. Really great use of graphics. Extremely creative concepts. Superb work, Dana! (10/11/'04)

Amber Lee - Amber's cute Hallowe'en page! (10/11/'04)

The Great Pumpkin's Hangout - A great Hallowe'en MSN Group! (12/18/'03)

Old Wife's Tales - A wide selection of stories and more. Highly recommended! (10/30/'03)

Linnie's Hallowe'en Page - Fun! (10/30/'03)

Kimberly's Hallowe'en Page - Fine spooky adventures. (10/30/'03)

Pamela's Hallowe'en Page - Fun holiday hijinks... (10/30/'03)

Mannie's Hallowe'en Page - Very cool showcase for Mannie's Hallowe'en adventures! (10/30/'03)

HallowFreaks - ScrappyKat's groovy Hallowe'en site! (10/17/'03)

In the Wee Hours - Poet Pat Gomes' fine writing site. Check her out! (9/30/'03)

Davey Horror's Little Shop of Terror - More than just a store, there's content here! Reviews, a forum, trivia, and comics. (9/2/'03)

Aseret.net - Discover a creative haunted trail in Arizona! (8/15/'03)

Hollyween - Pictoral account of Holly's home-haunt and craft adventures. Very creative scenes! (5/29/'03)

J's Magic Halloween Story - Very creative use of the usual clipart suspects. Check it out! (4/19/'03)

Award Graphic!

Also, if you are a winner, feel free to link the award graphic. It's always a good idea to upload your own copy, though, just in case. If people abuse the priviledge, we may have to yank it from our server.

Well, now that you know the details, get to applying! Remember to includ ALL of the info requested and send them via this contact form...

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