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halloween-tree.com ~ online hallowe'en costume contest rules

Welcome to the 2003 Halloween-Tree.com Online Costume Contest!
:: to the main page ::

**We haven't done a contest since 2003. There are no online costume contests planned for this year.**

You can keep abreast of this event and other endeavors in the realm of strangegirl by signing up for the strangegirl updates list here. You are also encouraged to follow our LiveJournal.


  • September 1 - November 1 - Send your entries to us via email. All submissions posted. COMPLETED!
  • November 2 - Voting begins. COMPLETED!
  • November 10 - Voting ends. COMPLETED!
  • November 11 - Results posted on our main page and on the strangegirl mailing list. COMPLETED!


Entries were accepted through November 1. The entry period is now closed. Thanks to everyone for submitting such lovely costumes!


Voting is done, and I've declared everyone a winner. We didn't get a lot of legit votes this year, so I called it even. Thanks to all of the wonderful entrants! If you're a winner, you may download and display these graphics (please include the year 2003 in text below the award graphics you post on the web)...

halloween-tree.com visitors' choice!

halloween-tree.com approved!

If you'd like to take a look at the entry rules, here they are...

:: RULES ::

  • You may only submit clear, reasonably-sized digital photographs of your costume (scan it or take it with a digital camera, and make sure each picture is no more than 20k in size and set to 72 dpi resolution). If the photo is too big, too dark, too blurry, or the costume featured is too far away to be seen clearly, we can't accept the entry.
  • You may submit one costume per person in your immediate family.
  • You may submit photos of costumes displayed on dressforms, but we prefer that the person who created the costume be featured wearing said costume.
  • Adults should enter themselves, but parents/guardians should make entries for their children. It's important that EVERY entry be made with the approval of the subject or the subject's parents.
  • Costumes must be submitted individually. No multiple entries on single photographs, unless the costumes go together as a pair or small group. Examples - Do submit a shot of your son posing by himself. Do not submit a single photograph including entries from multiple family members.
  • You must be in costume - no cheesy 'This is my costume' t-shirts or anything.
  • Your costume must be home-made - in other words, no rented or store-bought costumes! If you've rented or purchased a commercial costume and significantly added to the ensemble yourself, you may qualify - ask us!
  • Your entry must be recent - 1999 thru the present.
  • Your entry MUST be a costume that was created for or worn during Hallowe'en festivities taking place in 1999 or later.
  • Your costume must be family-friendly - no major gore or mondo cleaveage or anything. If your costume/photo isn't G or PG-rated (to borrow a rating system from the film industry), we probably won't accept it.
  • We reserve the right to refuse submissions for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to change our rules to better serve the goals of the contest and the well-being of our site visitors.
  • Not everyone will receive an award. Everyone will get a participation graphic ('my costume is halloween-tree.com approved') to put on their webpages, however...

    halloween-tree.com approved!

Be advised that when you submit a photo for this contest, it may be posted on this website (halloween-tree.com) for the public to view and critique. No whining if you don't win, or if you think your entry was disadvantageously placed on the voting pages. The maintainers of this website will not be responsible for anything bad arising from your participation in this contest. If you don't want to be seen online, don't enter!

On to the 2003 entrants' gallery...