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2002 Archive

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halloween-tree.com ~ 2003 costume contest entries & voting

2003 Costume Contest Archive
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Here is our list of entrants for the 2003 contest, in no particular order. To learn how the contest worked, please see our rules page.

All of the official entrants featured below are winners, and may proudly display the following graphics on their web sites...

halloween-tree.com visitors' choice!

halloween-tree.com approved!
All of these costumes are halloween-tree.com approved!

The unknown pirate?
An unknown pirate/two armed-two eyed Horation Nelson?
(With a big ol' gunshot wound! RAD.)

Erin as Pippy!
Erin as Pippy Longstocking.

Brooklyn as a Sunflower!
Brooklyn as a sunflower.

Brandy & Wayne as theatre food!
Brandy & Wayne as Popcorn and Coke.

Nicholas as a Skunk
Nicholas as a skunk.

Ashley as Eliza Doolittle
Entry #1 - Ashley as Eliza Doolittle from "My Fair Lady."

Andrew as a Fireman
Entry #2 - Andrew as a fireman.

Jackie as a Vampire
Entry #3 - Jackie as a vampire.

Kiki as a Witch
Entry #4 - Kiki as a witch (from "Kiki's Delivery Service"?)

Sydney as Senator Amidala
Entry #8 - Sydney as Sen. Amidala, costume by Jennifer.

Mitch as Bob the Builder
Entry #5 - Mitch as Bob the Builder.

Raja is a Princess
Entry #6 - Raja as a princess.

Ryan as a Ninja
Entry #7 - Ryan as a ninja.