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halloween-tree.com ~ 2002 costume contest entries & winners

2002 Costume Contest Archive
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We've finished our great online costume contest for 2002! Here is a list of winners, though I gotta say - everyone's costume was gold medal quality! Great work guys...and thanks so much for making the contest a success! The two Visitors' Choice winners may display this graphic on their sites, while the other award winners may display this graphic.

2002 Costume Contest Winners!

  • The Visitors' Choice Award - Kaci as Bo-Peep and Abby as a Little Sheep! A tie!
  • The "Because Chickens are Funny" Award - Dallas as a Chicken
  • The "They Need You at Disney Costuming" Award - Tie, Gene as Mickey and John and catAnna as the Cats Cats!
  • The "How Do You Move In That?" Award - Mitch as a Lighthouse
  • The "Let Them Eat Cake" Award - Sydney as Marie Antoinette, by Jennifer
  • The "I Can't Believe She Did That" Award - Crystine as a Toilet
  • The "Look Ma! I'm Food!" Award - Tie, Dillon as Pringles Can and Shane as Jack
  • The Best Pair Award - Dianna and Mike as Fiona and Shrek
  • The "I Represent the Lollipop Guild" Award - The Munchkin

All of the official entrants featured below may proudly display the following participation graphic on their web sites...

halloween-tree.com approved!
All of these costumes are halloween-tree.com approved!


Dolly as a cat
Dolly as a cat!

Benny as Oswald the Octopus
Benny as Oswald the Octopus

Brian as Cthulu
Brian as Cthulu

Jean in 18th c. Costume!
Jean in 18th c. costume

Kiki as a cat!
Kiki as a cat

A knight!
A knight in shining armor

Mike and Dianna as Fiona and Shrek!
Dianna and Mike as Fiona and Shrek

A munchkin from Oz!
A Munchkin

Melissa as Princess Cauliflower
Melissa as Princess Cauliflower

Shane as Jack
Shane as Jack!


Paul as Batman
Paul's Newskool Batman 'stume

Crystine as Toilet
Crystine as a toilet

Abby as a little sheep!
Abby as a little sheep.

Dallas as a chicken.
Dallas as a CHICKEN!

Jasmine as JASMINE!
Jasmine as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!

Tim S. as Spiderman
Tim S. as SpiderMan

Kevin as All the King's Horses and All the King's Men
Kevin as All the King's Horses and All the King's Men (Humpty Dumpty)

Dakota as a Scarecrow
Dakota as a Scarecrow

Pebbles and Bam Bam
Cameron as Pebbles and Matthew as Bam Bam

Jessie and Papa as Ann and Andy
Jessie and Papa as Raggedy Ann & Andy

Sydney as Marie Antoinette
Sydney as Marie Antoinette (by Jennifer)

Michelle as Padme Amidala
Michelle as Padme Amidala (by Jennifer)

Amanda as a dryad
Amanda as a dryad

Heather as a centaur
Heather as a centaur

Kaci as Little Bo Peep
Kaci as Little Bo Peep

Karissa as Little Bo Peep's sheep
Karissa as Little Bo Peep's Sheep

Kelly's Humpty Dumpty costume head
Kelly's Humpty Dumpty costume head

Mitch as a lighthouse
Mitch as a lighthouse

Tim's Spongebob Squarepants costume

Gene as Mickey
Gene as Mickey

Dillon as a Pringles Can
Dillon as a Pringles Can

CatAnna - Grizabella from Cats

John - Rum Tum Tugger from Cats

Dusty's Angel of Death
Dusty - Angel of Death
Stathi Lakota Sioux
Stathi - Lakota Sioux Dancer