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Hallowe'en & Dark Link Library
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Here's a collection of Hallowe'en links. It's by no means comprehensive, but if you have or know of a good site that bears adding, please let us know!

Also, the sheer volume of link requests I've gotten has spurred me to create a new linking policy. I will gladly link tasteful, non-commercial sites in return for a reciprocal link. However, if your site is essentially a storefront for goods or services, I will link it only if it meets one or both of the following criteria: a) it contains a significant amount of useful, non-commercial content, and/or b) you make a donation to the site. All donations go toward site operations only. Remember, I will not link tasteless or un-family-friendly sites under any circumstances.

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Kali's kick-butt Haunted Mansion site (you can link it too!):

Better Haunts & Graveyards

:: General ::

Dark Side of the 'Net (Carrie lists our humble site as recommended - thanks!)



Miss Mary (Clipart, a lovely vintage Hallowe'en site, and much more)

:: Ghosts & Haunted Places ::

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page

Borley Rectory Photos | Harry Price | Official Borley Rectory Site

Ghosts of the Prairie

Roosevelt Hotel

Winchester Mansion (Llanada Villa)

HMS Queen Mary

:: Haunted Attractions ::

Better Haunts & Graveyards (Kali's Haunted Mansion site)


Dave's "Gore'n'More" Yard Haunt - Creative and visually-appealing!

Ronald's Hallowe'en Prop Shop - Plans, instructions, tips, and more!

Crumpkin's Pumpkins - Nicely-done online haunt. Parental discretion advised. ;)

13th Track - Spooky soundtracks!

:: Hallowe'en ::

Five Kingdoms of Life Hallowe'en Site - Ben writes, "Hey, I just finished making this Halloween/biology themed site, and I thought you might want to give it a look, or even a mention on your site. There are masks of creepy representatives of the five kingdoms of life, which you can print out and make-- there's even an E. Coli bacteria mask!" Super cute!

HalloweenSpecials.net - Nice set of reviews about the great Hallowe'en specials from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.


Ghoul Skool


Dana's Haunted House


Victorian Hallowe'en

Why Bother to Save Hallowe'en?

The Pumpkin Nook

The Queen Mary's Ghosts and Legends Tour and First Class HAUNTED POOL Cam

The BoneGarden Estate


Spookshow.com's Vintage Hallowe'en Resources



Hallowe'en Webpage Templates from WebDiner.com

Feliz Halloween - Elvira's Spanish-language e-card site.

Halloween Safety

A Really Bad Hallowe'en Page

:: Costume & Spooky Fashion ::

The Costumer's Manifesto

Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild (Cool pattern review)

alt.gothic.fashion faq (Resource for those who dress spookily year-round)